High School Course Streams

High School Course Stream and Explanation

Please click on the graph link to view high school core courses and their related course streams. The chart shows what higher level core courses are available and what grades are required to enter into those higher courses.  Please click on the chart link to see a larger picture.





Social Studies





FIne Arts

Knowledge & Employability

What exactly is K&E?

K&E courses provide students with opportunities to experience success and become prepared for employment, further studies, active citizenship, and lifelong learning.

Who is K&E for?

K&E courses are designed for students in grades 8-12 who demonstrate reading, writing, mathematical, and/or other levels of achievement typically three or more grade levels below their age-appropriate grade.

Why can't my child just take the regular high school courses with modifications?

There are limited levels of adaptations that high school teachers can provide in core courses. For instance, in the English -2 route, students have the option of receiving extra time, accessing audio materials, and using a scribe (only if specified in an IPP - individual program plan - and consistently utilized throughout the course). It is crucial for students to meet the course objectives and standards in order to pass. (Remember, students are required to write diploma exams to obtain a High School Diploma.) Unfortunately, there are some students who, due to their level of achievement, are unable to meet and pass the regular course requirements.

Can my child still graduate?

Yes, students that successfully complete K&E programming will receive a certificate of completion upon completing grade 12. Students on K&E do not receive a general high school diploma unless they complete the required courses and earn the necessary credits for a high school diploma. Ultimately a student is required to pass English 30-2 and Social 30-2 in order to receive a diploma.