About Us

Bentley School is located in the town of Bentley, Alberta, on the west side of Gull Lake. The school serves approximately 430 students from grades K to 12. There are also 30 students participating in the Bright Future Play Academy.

Bentley School incorporates student blended learning to enhance learning and success for all students. Students receive teacher lead instructions throughout the mornings and the afternoons allow students the flexibility to work independently, in groups, write exams or work one on one with teachers. Teachers have the flexibility to pull groups of students together for extra help sessions or create hands on labs for students to participate in for deeper understanding. Students also have the flexibility to work ahead of the teacher's pace and finish the courses early while other students that require extra time and support to complete a course can move at a slower pace. Bentley School has worked hard at creating a learning environment that all students can be successful.