Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance

The Board of Trustees of Wolf Creek School Division provides Student Accident Insurance for all of our students during school days and for school activities.  The Policy details the specifics of the insurance.  The following is a list of the coverage areas.  

Accidental Death Benefit

Accidental Dental Reimbursement Benefit

Artificial Limbs, Eyes, Hearing Aids, and Other Prosthetic Appliances Benefits

Confinement Disability Benefit

Counselling Benefit

Critical Illness Benefit

Dentures and Artificial Teeth Benefit

Dismemberment and Specific Loss Indemnity

Emergency Out of Province /Country Accident Benefit

Emergency Transportation Benefit

Eyeglasses and contact Lenses

Fracture, Dislocation, Tendon Severance and Miscellaneous Indemnity

Hospital and Paramedical Reimbursement Benefit

Permanent Total Disability

Private Tuition Expense

Rehabilitation Benefit

Repatriation Benefit

Special Treatment Travel Benefit

Limited Air Travel Coverage

In regards to claim forms, parents can visit .   This coverage is a reimbursement plan whereby the parent pays for the expense and submits the claim to recover the benefit outlined in the policy detail. 

If parents should wish to purchase individual additional insurance that extends beyond the limits indicated in this policy they may visit to look into 24 hour coverage.