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Bentley School is proud of the many ways that our staff and students utilize technology in order to enhance teaching and learning in our schools. We have a long history and a proven track record of working with our school communities in order to positively leverage the potential of digital technology tools to support learning. 

Bring Your Own Device Program

Wolf Creek Public Schools believes that students should be able to bring their own device to school to support their learning. We are proud to have been promoting this kind of learning support for our students since 2009. Students across our division benefit from ready access to school owned technology, but we have found over years of observation and working with our students that students feel most comfortable with and often are able to best support their learning with a device that they personally own.

Parent Purchase Program

For the 2020-2021 school year, Wolf Creek Public Schools is excited to continue working with BCom Computer, as the re-seller of Chromebooks, to continue offering the Chromebook Parent Purchase Program for our Wolf Creek families through an online Parent Purchase Program website. In partnership with Wolf Creek, BCom Computer has built a Wolf Creek Public Schools online store specifically for our families which provides the ability to purchase a selection of Chromebooks, accessories and warranty options which have been chosen because they fit in well with our Wolf Creek context. Families wishing to purchase a Chromebook through this program will need to visit in order to create a parent shopping and payment profile.

Please click here to access a document with step by step instructions for how to use the Parent Purchase Program website.

For more information on the parent purchase program visit the Wolf Creek website at: