Parent Teacher Interviews

CLICK HERE to book your parent teacher interviews. 

Please help to keep our interviews on time by sticking to the allotted time. If you need more time with a particular teacher, please arrange for a separate meeting or phone call. 

Leadership has arranged to provide babysitting services in the gym for students and younger siblings. 

The Book Fair will also be on in the Elementary Library. Please stop in and browse the selection of books available. This is a great way to do some early Christmas shopping!

Grade 5 Parents: In an attempt to maximize interview time slots, please prioritize which teacher you'd like to meet with as we are only allowing one interview per student at this time.  

Please note: Pre-K interviews will be taking place at a later date and Mrs. Lawrence will notify parents directly when they will be available to book. 

Kari Lotzien Parent Session

Attention Parents!!

Amazing parent information session coming to Bentley--Calm the Chaos!

Kari Lotzien will be offering a Parent Session

Wednesday, November 29 & Wednesday, December 6  @ 6:00-9:00

Kari Lotzien (Occupational Therapist and Owner of To the Stars Wellness Center) will be doing a two part parent session at Bentley School.

This session is open to all parents that want to come and learn more about strategies to help children deal with emotions and frustrations during these crazy busy times. This will be an opportunity to come and connect with others and learn strategies to understand and help your child. Kari offered a PD session to all of our staff last year and it was an amazing experience full of great information.

The school in partnership with FCSS is providing this speaker to the school community at no charge to parents. The school will also be offering supper as well as free babysitting.

Kari states “I am passionate about changing the world for kids. I want all kids to feel confident and empowered regardless of their situation, level of ability or age.  I know that this starts by building strong communities with parents, educators and those working with and loving children. With over 18 years professional experience as an occupational therapist and teenage kids of my own, I love to share my knowledge and resources along with real life stories to create a fun and connected experience.”

~Kari Lotzien

Call the school to sign up or click on the link below

Calm the Chaos-Parent Session Sign Up

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