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Supervisor: Mr. Brown & Mrs. Hayden

Practices: Monday and Tuesday's from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm in the high school student common room

Team 1: Cade, Cooper, Andrew

Team 2: Wacey, Tyler, Nathan Luke, Reid

Team 3: Gracy-Jo, Kaylie, Sam

Tournament Dates -TBA

Tournament 1: 

Tournament 2: 

Tournament 3:

Itinerary For Tournaments

Championship: TBA

Itinerary for Championship Tournament

This year we have 1 rookie teams and 2 veteran team, which includes students from grades 9 to 12. The students’ goal was to create a robot that is designed for moving and/or stacking blocks in a short amount of time. This year's season is called Skystone and is sponsored by the new Star Wars movie. To get an idea of what the competition is all about, you can watch this video explanation by Mark Hamill and this video of our specific competition. We will be facing off in a series of matches against teams from around Alberta and will hopefully qualify for finals. We have a fantastic group of students this year and everyone is excited to compete. 


Thank you to DOW Chemical and Honda for sponsoring our teams this year! Honda is a new sponsor of ours and we are extremely grateful to them. We were able to create a third team this year because of their support. DOW Chemical has been our sponsor for the last 4 years and is the reason Bentley School was able to start a robotics club. They have helped immensely with team finances, but they have also worked directly with our students as mentors over the last 4 years. Thank you so much for sponsoring our students!