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WCPS Supports for Student Technology Access 

FAQ Re: WCPS Supports for Student Technology Access 

Q: Will the dates for picking up Chromebooks this week change because of the weather forecast?

A: Yes. Due to the heavy snowfall warning issued on Monday, March 30 for this evening and for Tuesday March 31st, we are rescheduling the Chromebook pickup for families who responded to the Google form released on March 18th. If you were scheduled to pick up a Chromebook this Tuesday - your new pick up date is Thursday, April 2nd. If you were scheduled to pick up a Chromebook this Wednesday - your new date is Friday, April 3rd. Locations and times are the same as in the email sent on March 27th to the affected families. 


Q: I have heard that there aren’t any more Chromebooks available from the district. What about families who now need one?

A: Close to 900 families responded to our offer of device support. We were able to meet this high level of demand through an allocation of district resources but we realize that there are still families in our Wolf Creek communities who may need our help to access materials related to the Learning Support Plan. Your child’s teacher(s) should be reaching out to you this week and one task that they are undertaking is seeking to understand your family’s access to a device that will allow your student to connect with their learning and teacher. 

We do not currently have any devices left at the district level left to support this need. Over the course of the week we will work with our schools to come up with a plan for families who may still need our help. We will communicate a potential plan for this soon. 


 Q: I have limited/no internet access where I live. Can the school district help me out?

A: Not with internet access. We aren’t able to provide our families with an internet connection. This is a challenging circumstance at this time, for many. Your child’s teachers will work together to make sure that not having an internet connection won’t mean that they won’t be able to keep learning this school year. Be patient with them as they work with you to figure out what this will look like. 

One source that families in need might connect with re: internet service is Telus’ Internet for Good Program. Please note we have no affiliation with Telus and are sharing the following information as a potential resource only and not as an endorsement. 



Q: Why is there a 1 device per household limit on this round of Chromebook distribution?

A: Nearly 900 families responded to our offer of support. This is roughly equal to the supply of Chromebooks that Wolf Creek Public Schools has on hand at this time to distribute to our families from the district.   We will be discussing further support this week as an organization and will update our families once these discussions have taken place.  


Q: We don’t have a Chromebook at home but we do have a laptop / desktop / iPad/ etc. Will these devices work?

A: Any device that can run a browser (like Google Chrome)  and connect to the internet will be useful in accessing the materials that your child’s teachers will be sharing as a part of the Learning Support Plan. The device does not have to be a Chromebook. Something with a keyboard would be the most functional. If the device also had a camera and microphone that would be ideal, to allow students to connect with each other and their teacher, but not 100% necessary. 


Q: Who should I contact with questions around technology?

A: This is a BIG question! Our advice would be to start with your child’s teacher. They are in contact with their school admin and Technology Services with Wolf Creek Public Schools. If your teacher doesn’t know the answer, we will help them find out and help them get back to you.  


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