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Bentley School Communication to Parents - COVID19

To Bentley School Parents and Guardians

This morning all school administrators attended a Google Meet (video conference) with senior leaders from WCPS where the draft Learning Support Plan was shared. Prior to Spring Break commencing, I would like to share some of those details from our meeting so you are made aware of some of the plan elements before they are rolled out the week of March 30th.

This plan has been designed to support school staff in implementing supports for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alberta Education directed school boards to develop a learning support plan and implement it in order to support teachers, students and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not an education crisis, but it is a provincial pandemic and a response to a declared state of emergency which has the potential to last many weeks, months or even until the end of June 2020.

The Learning Support Plan is a list of resources and teaching approaches that can be utilized from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 to support parents/students during this unprecedented medical emergency.  This will be a new delivery model for certain grades in our school where technology will be utilized to connect with parents/students. This will be a continued delivery method for other grades as our Gr. 9-12 educational programming has already utilized some of these methods.

Near the end of Spring Break, our admin team will be receiving a copy of the finalized Learning Support Plan and we have scheduled time with teachers to review and discuss an implementation plan for Bentley School.  Each teacher will then connect with their parents/students to discuss the plan for the coming weeks and possibly months ahead.

Alberta Education has assured all students, parents and school boards that their intent is that all students will progress, with the ongoing support of teachers. All students who access this support are expected to proceed to the next grade level and receive credentialing for their specific subjects they are presently enrolled within.

Our district leaders are expecting additional directions and communication from Alberta Education in the coming week around learning and assessment measures which will be communicated to all of us as we embark on this new learning journey. With this change in learning model there comes an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge, collaborate with peers in a new delivery model that supports relationship building with students and teachers. 

As was previously communicated in the last district update, March 30 is our district-wide target to share more details with you.  Parents can expect communication from us during the week of March 30 - April 3. Given the timing of the March Break this will allow student learning supports to be rolled out in an orderly, consistent manner. Bentley School staff would like to encourage parents to please take this Spring Break to focus on personal health and time with family. 


Lane Moore

Principal, Bentley School


Bentley School Communication to Parents-COVID19


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